Be nice to nerds. Chances are you'll end up working for one.
Bill Gates

ini saya?

bintang jgn tipu sy . bulan juga . sy kecil kt dunia . hey , penat sy menipu kt dunia sekarang yg SEBENAR .

Friday, September 3, 2010

kawan = oxygen

ak tahu , ramai x suke kaw .
tp, ak suka kaw . sbb kw pernah ckp kt ak yg ak special friend kaw

kw pergi jauh
jauh sangat . tinggalkn ak .
org yg x suka kaw pun mula kutuk kaw .
pd mula nya ,
ak sedih
tp, lame2 ak jd x suka kaw
sebab kaw x contact ak

jahat x ak?

baru2 ni ak selongkar bilik .
ak jumpa kad yg kaw bagi ak :

title : you're a special friend
to : my name
dear my beloved my name
friend are just not friend . we need them to make us smile . here are some last speech i took from a magazine :
title : fake or real friend
f : never ask for food
r : the reason that we dont have food
f : call ur parents mr, mrs
r : call ur parebts mom n dad
f : never seen u cry
r : cry with u
f : know a few things about u
r : could write a book about you with direct quotes from u
f : will leave you behind , if that is the crowd is doing
r : will kick the whole crowd that leave you
i just wanna wish you a happy birthday and a long live .
dont ever forget who i am bcoz i've been your friend once that always written in your life history .
-hope to see you again-

my mum slalu pesan sejak ak 6 tahun lg , (time tu ak nk naik van g tadika) she said to me :

a friend in need is a friend indeed
eventhough, i have many friends . tp, ak x rase semua kwn2 ak tu ikhlas to make a friendship.
i hate them !! mmg dunia ni mcm2 . kdag2 kita x sedar yg kwn yg plg kita percaya adalah the worst nemessis .

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