Be nice to nerds. Chances are you'll end up working for one.
Bill Gates

ini saya?

bintang jgn tipu sy . bulan juga . sy kecil kt dunia . hey , penat sy menipu kt dunia sekarang yg SEBENAR .

Monday, December 6, 2010

rindu is like the atmosphere , we cant see , but we can feel it :D

i miss u so much ! and all these days i be just like a zombie , a body without soul . BABE , its killing me ! people always ask . where are u now ? what did i reply ? u always be inside my heart , very close . i dreamt about u . i wish u were hear .

but dear ,
if u read this ,
why u left me hear alone ? i really need u now ! WHY ?? i feel lost , lost without oxygen in the milkyway , lost without compass in the deep forest , lost witout any light in thw deep ocean .

ape kurang yea ak ? pergi lah kw dgn dia . thanks kerana pernah mmbahagiakan .

babe , i know u angry with me, coz i'm always left u behind . but , iu have the right to know that , i'm always miss u . every day ! am i ugly ?

dah sebulan kaw tinggalkan ak . kaw pergi dengan dia . yea , ak kurang matang . yea , ak juga yg salah sebab terlalu show off ble kaw jd milik ak . thats is illegal .

utk org yg sedang mmbace :

this is my LOVE :

hey , ipod . ak rindu kaw sejak kw kene rampas oleh insan ke 3 (warden ) . ak x bleh hidop tanpa kaw !! PULANGKANN .

warden : bak sini mp3 (dia x tau nie ipod) tu ! kamu tuntut lepas SPM .

the nerd : *terkesima :(

p/s : lame ak x post